Royal Ranks(earned)Edit


Lord: Cerberus

Lady: undecided

Prince(s): undecided (0/2)

Princess(s): undecided (0/2)

Duke: undecided

Duteous: undecided

High Ranks(earned)Edit

General: undecided(INGN)

Huntsman: undecided(INHN)

Head Sentry: undecided(INHS)

Head Observer: undecided(INHO)

Shaman: undecided(INSH)

Mage: undecided(INMA)

Butcher(s): undecided(INBU)(0/6)(wear Rib Armor)

Head Trapper: undecided(INHT)

Medium RanksEdit

Knight(s): infinite(INK)(wear the ZT Helmet Dark)

Soldier(s): infinite(INSR)(wear the ZT Helmet Silver)

Assassin(s): infinite(INA)

Sentry(s): infinite(INSY)

Observer(s): infinite(INO)

Doctor(s): undecided(IND)(0/2)

Conjuror(s): undecided(INC)(0/2)

Trapper(s): infinite(INT)

Cadet(s)(Soldier Apprentice): infinite(INCT)

Assassin Apprentice(s): infinite(INAA)

Sentry Apprentice(s): infinite(INSA)

Observer Apprentice(s): infinite(INOA)

Nurse(s)(Doctor Apprentice): undecided(INNU)(0/2)

Witch(s)(Conjuror Apprentice): undecided(INWT)(0/2)

Trapper Apprentice(s): infinite(INTA)

Low RanksEdit

Mother(s): infinite(INM)

Youngster(s): infinite(INY)

Elder(s): infinite(INE)

Royal Servant(s): undecided(INRS)(0/8)

Royal Chef(s): undecided(INRC)(0/6)

Nanny(s): infinite(INN)

Gravedigger(s): infinite(INgd)

Cleanup Crew(s): infinite(INcc)

Slave(s): infinite(INs)(wear the Shackle(s))

Banished(s): infinite(INb)

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