Royal RanksEdit

Lord and Lady: The leading pair, the Lord and Lady rule over the group, providing laws and order to keep the group afloat.

Prince and Princess: The possible four offspring(or adopted offspring) of the Lord and Lady. The eldest Prince or Princess will be the next in line to become the next ruler of the group.

Duke and Duteous: The second in command leading pair, or betas. Though they will not take over the Lord and or Lady's place as rulers, they work along side them to carry out laws and even take over when the leading pair happens to be away for whatever reason.

High RanksEdit

General: The General is the head Solider and Knight, in charge of planning raids and leading battles.

Huntsman: The Huntsman is the lead Assassin, being much stronger then the average Assassin. He or she will be expected to track down individuals chosen by the Lord and Lady, to either kill or retrieve to camp.

Head Sentry: As the name entails, the Head Sentry is the lead Sentry. They organize patrols of the camp borders whenever instructed, though are in charge where the Sentry will patrol.

Head Observer: As the name entails, the Head Observer is the lead Observer. Whenever the Lord and Lady need the Observers to 'spy' and gain information on another group, the Head Observer is the one who organizes spying missions.

Shaman: The Shaman is the lead medic,

Medium RanksEdit

Low RanksEdit

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